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NYC Plant Rental, LLC was established as a response to the ever-growing demand for tropical plant rental in New York City. We are a subsidiary of a Florida grower focused on the wholesale/ retail of tropical plants and foliage. Working with the wholesaler means you will always get the freshest and highest quality plants available.
By carefully choosing from our wide variety of plants, we help you select the plants that will do well in your environment and create an attractive and delightful garden or, if you wish, an urban jungle.

We go a step beyond the ordinary by offering tropical plants that stand out as artistic statements that create the perfect settings for enhancing any environment.
Whether it’s a single plant for an indoor design photo shoot, a rooftop deck patio, a condo/ co-op sale staging, or a special fashion or music venue, exotic plants are the answer to give you the WOW to make your event memorable.
Decorative plants add a finishing touch to every event, transforming your space into a magical environment awash in color, beauty and ambiance.

A designer nurseryman, with an eye for the unique, Chris is the “King” of the Dracaena Arborea tree, and stands out as Florida’s leader in innovation, design and production of the impressive Dracaena Arborea.
Innovation is the key to differentiating our company from the rest (in the industry) and we help you achieve this by offering unique and unusual plants. Enjoy perusing through our wide variety of Tropical Plants, Palm Trees (we have a huge inventory of the largest Ponytail Palms in Florida) and Cuttings, taking special note of Chris’s innovative Dracaena Arborea, created for…”those who starving for individuality”.

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